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Using Glow Brushes - Simple Design with Gimp

This show 3 different yet simple images created using glow brushes. It really helps show how powerful and effective brush sets are in GIMP. None of these images took more than 5 minutes to create and most of that time was taken experimenting with different size of brush.

This blog uses the following glow brush set from hawksmont.com http://hawksmont.com/blog/gimp-brushes-glow-part-i/#more-297 This is a great resource for brushes as they are free to use for commercial use.

Check out the following 3 background effects

Single brush approach

Glow Brush Effect 1

This effect is created by using the same brush being used, but simply rotated slightly to create an overlay effect. In this case it is rotated 6 times and uses 3 different colours. I also place each brush stroke on a separate layer in case I decide at a later time that I am not happy with the placement of a stroke otherwise the only way to undo the effect is via the undo function and this would mean losing a lot of work.

So to get started...

  1. Choose a background colour in this case I choose black
  2. Add a transparent layer above it
  3. Select the glow brush you want to use, set the size appropriate to your canvas
  4. Select 3 colours you will use to the effect
  5. With the first colour and newly created layer selected click and release to create the brush effect.
  6. Now add another layer, this time change the angle of your brush by about 10% then change to the second colour and click and release again.
  7. Do the same again, adding another 10-15 degrees to the brush angle and choosing your third colour.
  8. Now add a minus to the brush angle so instead of 35 degrees set it to -35 degrees choose the first colour and on a new layer add another stroke.
  9. Now take of 10-15 degrees and repeat with the second colour
  10. Finally take of 10 degrees and repeat with the first colour

Multi Brush approach

Glow Brush Effect 2

This effect is created using 3 different brushes. The first brush is a central blob and the other 2 brushes are mirrors of each other. As before I do each set of brush effects on separate layers in case I wish to change or remove them in future without having to redo the whole image. I have chosen to use a different colour for each of the brushes

  1. Choose a background colour
  2. On a new layer select one of the large round brushes and place a blob in the middle of the canvas
  3. Add another layer, choose one of the longer thinner brushes and do a mirror stroke. One click at an angle of 90 the other at an angle of -90
  4. On another new layer repeat the previous step with a slightly smaller brush.

Outlined effect

Glow Brush Effect 3

This uses just one large brush stroke, which is then outlined twice using the select > grow option.

  1. Choose a background colour
  2. On a new layer (named glow effect) choose a large brush and then add one stroke in the middle of the canvas
  3. Right click on the layer (glow effect) with the brush stroke on it and choose Alpha to selection, then choose select > grow and increase it by 1px
  4. On a new layer (named outline 1) fill the selected area with your second colour
  5. Right click on this layer (outline 1) and again choose select > grow and increase it by 1px
  6. Add another new layer (called outline 2) and fill this one with the first colour and this way you will have a nice outline effect on your image.
  7. Make sure that outline 2 layer is below outline 1 layer and that this is below the glow effect layer.

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