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Using built in function with php
You will probably be using built in functions without even noticing you are using them when you start your “learning to program journey”. Probably the most simple one is echo.
What is a Variable
A variable is a named container that can hold pieces of information or values that you can then refer to by that name later in a script.
HTML Special Characters
Here is a list of HTML Special Characters that I find useful to have to hand. Hope you find it useful to.
How to start a HTML ordered list with a number other than One
If you need to start an ordered list with a value other than 1 it is really quite simple. This blog will show how.
A simple calculator
Having used a simple calculator using Actionscript I was keen to see what was on offer perhaps using Javascript or php. I came across a number of examples, many of them using rather lengthy code to produce the finished result. In this blog I will show three such calculators that helped me along the road.
.htaccess files.....
.htaccess files are used to implement rules on Apache web servers, so we can use them to make our lives easier.
Output MySQL Dates using PHP
Dates are displayed in different formats in different regions for example in the UK we output dates dd-mm-yyyy but the US usually use mm-dd-yyyy. . If given a date of 12-05-2012 without any context it could either mean 12th of May 2012 or the December 5th 2012. I think you can see how this would be a problem.
Five Good PHP tutorials to help the beginner
There is a lot of good material on the internet, including many of the code languages. I have pulled together five of the sites I have seen over the past couple of years. They are tutorial based, not necessarily content/problem/solution based.
Three great Javascript tutorial sites
There are many Javascript tutorials available on the web. Having carried out a great deal of research and comparison, these are the best three that I have seen.
PHP Database Extensions - PDO - PHP Data Objects
The big advantage of PDO is also its main disadvantage. The same functions work on 12 different database, all you need to change is the PDO::__construct function. However not all functionality of a specific database may be accessible via the catchall PDO functions.
PHP Database Extensions - MySQLi - Object Orientated
This blog looks at how php uses an Object Orientated approach to connect to a MySQL database.
PHP Database Extensions - MySQLi - Procedural
This blog looks at how php uses Procedural functions to connect to a MySQL database.
Using custom fonts
If you want to have your titles or other text on a web page in non standard font, or you are not sure what fonts your intended audience is likely to have installed on their computer you may want to think about embedding your the fonts within the web page.
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