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Terms of Use (Please read all below before you use)

Resources are available for personal or commercial purpose, as long as you have liked the w3b-Doctor facebook page. It would also be nice if you would include a link to your work on the DeviantArt page so I can see what is popular for future releases.

Personal and Commercial use means that this resource may be used in your designs. You MAY NOT however:

  • Use the resource:
    • for unlawful, imorral or pornagraphic purposes
    • to help promote hate or racism
    • in victimisation or bullying
  • Repackage the image either individually or as part of a package images, either free or for charge
  • Redistribute the image to other outlets or download resources
  • To create a trademark service or logo
  • In any way that may bring w3b-doctor into disrepute

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