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Is your website performing for you?

A website is your company's online shop front. Potential customers use the Internet to search for products or services to meet their needs, normally with little time to make their decision. Search engines give an easily accessible list of options. What makes you different from the others in this list of results? A typical person will form an initial impression of your site within the first 10-12 seconds of clicking onto your page, what will make them choose you or at least stay and see what you can offer?

To give a real world example, if you were looking for an Italian restaurant and there were two close to each other, neither of which you had been to before, how would you choose which one to go to? Would it simply be based upon price, or would it come down to more subtle factors? If one has an old sign, tatty furniture and a menu from the 1970’s, while the other has recently been renovated with a new banner, furniture and menu which would you choose? The slightly run down one may well have a great chef, but unless you have been using them for years they probably would not be your first choice.

Your web site has the same effect; existing customers may be happy to stay with you as they are happy with what you provide, but most will at least be looking at competitors’ sites to see if they are still getting a good deal, it's human nature at the end of the day. The vast majority of customers are always wanting value for money. If your web site is not at least as good as your competition you are already at a disadvantage.

Our web solutions

We offer a wide range of Web based services. From user focused websites to comprehensive e-Learning packages to Site optimisation for established sites. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your site rank as high up on search engines as you would like?
  • Does your site download quickly?
  • Is your site suitable for mobile platforms?
  • Does it look as clean and professional as your competitors' websites?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'No' it may be worth having a chat with us to see if we can assist with getting you better results in this essential marketing area.

What makes us different

Our philosophy is to make clean simple designs to enable you to maximise your web presence. We won’t try to sell you solutions or designs that are not right for you just because it may be the easiest solution for us. Our websites grow with your business. If you start with a 1 page site and want to upgrade to a 5-8 page site as your business grows after 6 or even 18 months we will only charge you the difference between the packages. We do not want to do one design and forget you. Our customers are important to us and we want you to get value for money. The last thing we want is for you to feel pressured into taking a package that does not suit you. Small and simple can often achieve more than big and flashy especially when trying to to get a message across.

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